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Schweizer Talks Biden Impeachment, $5 Million Income Discrepancy, and Bribery Implications with Bartiromo [WATCH]

Peter Schweizer, the host of The Drill Down, noted that President Joe Biden’s denial of allegations he took money from his son Hunter’s business dealings while he was Vice President fly in the face of the ethics rules the Obama administration had in place while he served with it.

Appearing on the program “Sunday Morning Futures,” Peter Schweizer also noted there is a $5.2 million dollar discrepancy between the income Joe Biden reported to the Internal Revenue Service in 2017 and 2018 ($12.6 million) from his business entity known as “Celtic Capri,” and what he declared for that same entity on the personal disclosure form he filed in 2019 when he entered the 2020 race for president.

“That’s 40% less than (what) he told the IRS he had,” Schweizer said. “What accounts for that $5.2 million discrepancy? It’s during the same time period, and it’s the same entity. I certainly think one possibility is that, in 2019 when he fills out that form to run for president, there’s a lot more scrutiny than there was when he was filing his taxes back in 2018,” Schweizer said.

He questioned the Biden administration’s repeated claim that Joe Biden received no money from his son’s business dealings with Burisma in Ukraine and with various regime-connected Chinese businessmen.

“Let’s be crystal clear about this,” Schweizer told host Maria Bartiromo. “If you look at the federal guidelines on bribery — the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the international bribery standards that the Obama-Biden administration signed on to in 2011 — bribery does not just entail the politician getting paid. If he was a political figure and took actions that benefited an entity that then pays his family member, even if he didn’t get a dime, that still constitutes bribery,” Schweizer argued.

“So, when the White House says, ‘No money to Joe, nothing to see here.’ that avoids the issue,” Schweizer said.