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SCHWEIZER SAYS: 'There's No Question That The Biden Family Received This Money' From China.

Schweizer Outlines How the Bidens are Connected to Chinese Intelligence.

Brent Bozell speaks with Government Accountability Institute President and New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer about the Biden family corruption, Communist China’s growing influence, and the Hunter Biden investigation.

“When it comes to China, the most important thing is to realize is that our First Family is compromised…the facts are clear and they have not been refuted because they can’t be refuted,” Schweizer says.

“We know based on the laptop material, based on Hunter Biden’s own communications…that the Biden family received tens of millions of dollars from China and that those deals were arranged by three businessmen —nd they all have ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer continues.

‘There’s No question that the Biden family received this money” from China, Schweizer tells MRCTV host Brent Bozell.

Watch the clip above.