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SCHWEIZER ON THE PELOSIS: 'This is the Sort of Stuff You'd Expect from the Mafia'

Paul Pelosi Jr is Quickly Becoming This Year's Hunter Biden - Shady Deals And All.

Government Accountability Institute President and New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer stopped by Jesse Watters Primetime to discuss a story largely unreported by the mainstream media.

The Pelosi crime family.

“Not only did [Paul Pelosi Jr.] fly [to Asia] on the heels of this insider trading allegation with the dad [but] they’re trying to hide all of evidence of it…What the heck is going on here, Peter?” Watters asks about the Pelosis recent family swing through Asia.

“This is a particularly cynical and galling move by the Pelosis…look at what is happening here. Nancy Pelosi is flying to the Asia-Pacific region as the entire region is nervous and scared about the looming threat posed by China. And you got the Speaker of the House coming in with a couple of other Democrats…and all of a sudden her son is along for the trip…looking for business deals.”

“This is the sort of stuff you’d expect from the mafia,” Schweizer says, before comparing Pelosi Jr. to embattled First Son Hunter Biden.

Watch the clip above.