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Schweizer on Bidens: They’ve ‘Lied Consistently’ on Hunter’s Dealings

Peter Schweizer Stops By Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

Key Points

President of the Government Accountability Institute and best-selling author Peter Schweizer stops by Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the ever-growing list of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings.

On the Infamous Laptop: “Fundamentally dishonest to insist the laptop is not accurate.”

Despite a massive media coverup led by Obama administration vets claiming the story had “all the earmarks of Russian disinformation” – the laptop is real and Schweizer has corroborated its validity in a number of ways.

“There’s no doubt it’s Hunter Biden’s laptop…we compared it to existing information that we already know is accurate. For example, the Senate committee released Hunter Biden’s Secret Service travel records that show where he traveled overseas with Secret Service protection. We took that information and correlated it with the Hunter Biden emails.”

On Hunter’s ‘Art Career’: “Genius in a very corrupt way.”

Maria raises questions about Hunter’s shiny new art career: pieces going for half a million dollars; Hunter’s total lack of experience; money laundering. Peter and the GAI definitely have concerns, specifically that it opens the door to “massive corruption”.

“If somebody is prepared to send half a million dollars to an artist for a piece of art, who can question it? So in that sense, it’s very genius. But this opens the gateway to massive corruption. The art partner that he has that’s going be marketing his art has made it very clear that he’s going to be marketing these things overseas, he’s been wanting to break into the Chinese market for years…the Senate in 2019 issued a report talking about how the art world is rife with money laundering and corruption involving foreign oligarchs, because it’s so hard to trace. So, it’s a massively troublesome problem, and their explanations simply don’t carry any weight.”

On the White House Pledge of Transparency in the Art Dealings: “Their solution of transparency is to actually hide who is engaged in the transaction – it’s ludicrous!”

“I don’t think Hunter Biden should be doing this to begin with, but if he’s going to do it, they need to disclose, and have an independent party verify, who is actually paying him for this artwork,” Schweizer says.

Finally, Maria highlights Hunter’s greatest hits – indiscretions and abuses of power around the world that the mainstream media refuses to cover. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the Biden White House has the “highest ethical standards of any administration in history”.

Schweizer’s not so sure.

“Saying you’re the most ethical doesn’t make it true. Here’s the problem when it comes to the Biden family: they have lied – and I don’t use that word loosely – they have lied consistently about Hunter Biden’s dealings…you can’t take them at their word.”