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Red-Handed Sneak Peek: Hunter Biden and Chinese Investment Fund Bohai Harvest.

The Laptop Is Real and the Emails Tell the Tale of Hunter’s $20M Stake.

Photo for: Red-Handed Sneak Peek: Hunter Biden and Chinese Investment Fund Bohai Harvest.

Key Points

  • Peter Schweizer has been reporting on Hunter Biden’s ties to China since 2018.
  • The Bidens denied ties to China but Hunter’s laptop and emails tell a different story.
  • Hunter had a $20M stake in Chinese investment fund Bohai Harvest RST, and ties to Chinese intelligence officials.

Schweizer sounded the alarm.

In 2018, Government Accountability President and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer uncovered Hunter Biden’s involvement with Chinese investment fund Bohai Harvest RST. Hunter’s stake in Bohai was estimated at close to $20 million dollars by Professor Steven Kaplan at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Biden was in business with the Chinese.

And, so, a new business relationship was formed —a relationship that included rides in Air Force Two for top Bohai execs and some face time with then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2013.

But in 2018, the official word from Team Biden: no ties. Us? China? Never.

At the time, the Biden family line was to claim, quite absurdly, that Hunter’s stake in the BHR investment fund was only $420,000. But Kaplan, our Booth Business School ace, dismisses that as “incomprehensible.”

And, if we’re being nit-picky, which we always are, $420,000 doesn’t count as “no ties.”

In October 2019, Biden’s lawyer George Mesires said that Hunter would be resigning from the BHR board, without receiving any return on his investment or shareholder distributions. What Team Biden failed to address was the fact that Hunter Biden still owned a stake in the investment fund.

Last year, Hunter Biden sold that stake. For how much, they won’t disclose. But now, thanks to Hunter Biden’s very-real and incompetently misplaced laptop, we have some context on two of the key individuals that made the BHR deal happen. And, at the time, those individuals had close ties to the very top of the Chinese intelligence apparatus.

First, we have Che Feng, a Chinese tycoon AKA “The Super Chairman.” Che Feng introduced Hunter and his partners to large Chinese state-backed investment funds, where they made out like bandits. In one email to business partner Devon Archer, Hunter wrote “I don’t believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman… I think the sky’s the limit.”

With his eyes on the cash, Biden either didn’t realize or didn’t care that Che Feng was once a close ally and business partner of the Vice Minister of State Security in China. This man was reportedly the director of the ministry’s No. 8, Bureau, which targeted foreigners with its intelligence apparatus —including diplomats and dolts like Hunter Biden.

Next, there’s Zhao Xuejun (aka Henry Zhao) of Harvest Fund Management. Zhao is a communist party official who, at that time, was business partners with Jia Liqing, the daughter of former Minister of State Security, Jia Chunwang. Jia was famous during his tenure for developing China’s “deep water fish” (Chendi yü) strategy of grooming thousands of special agents on foreign soil.

And yet, “no ties.”

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