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Pure 'Reimagination': Teachers Unions are Bringing Race & Gender Issues into the Classroom.

Under Cover of the Pandemic, Teachers Unions Reimagine What Education Is.

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Key Points

  • The pandemic created unique opportunities for teachers unions to change the very definition of what education is.
  • They expanded their duties, increased oversight, composed questionable curriculums, flexed on concerned parents and teachers.
  • Children are being taught controversial topics like Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology.

As previously reported in our article The COVID Curriculum, the pandemic created unique opportunities for teachers unions to change the very definition of what education is —specifically what a union’s purpose is. Objectivity went out the window —education can be whatever woke agenda item is trending on Twitter; whatever the unions want it to be.

They expanded their job duties, increased their oversight, composed questionable curriculums, flexed on concerned parents and teachers…

They got political. But they called it “Reimagining Education.”

According to GAI reporting, parents and school districts had already been at odds over activist messaging in the classroom. But when COVID-19 brought the classroom home, parents began to really notice the progressive curriculums, with ideas like “gender fluidity” and “institutional racism” appearing in lessons being taught to children as young as preschool.

Does anyone else hear Gene Wilder singing Pure Imagination? If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? 

There’s nothing…to it.

And they did.

Newly empowered (and financially flush, but we’ll discuss that in another article) teachers unions imposed progressive changes. One of the biggest: Critical Race Theory. CRT is an academic framework that emerged in the 1970s to address the presence of systemic racism in society and its institutions. Essentially, racism is baked into everything and we all have different privileges that we need to constantly be aware of.

In July 2021, Randi Weingarten said “[CRT] is not taught in elementary schools or high schools. It’s a method of examination taught in law school and college that helps analyze whether systemic racism exists — and, in particular, whether it has an effect on law and public policy.”

But that’s a lie.

Children are being taught that American society, culture, and history is predicated on inherent, widespread, institutional racism —even having uncomfortable political issues thrust upon them.

Go on, Google it. Eh, we’ll save you a step…

A resolution issued by the American Federation of Teachers in 2021 called on members to participate in “Black Lives Matter at School Week.” They were to “wear Black Lives Matter at School shirts to school that week and teach lessons about related topics.” This creates an environment where teachers are visually representing their political beliefs to their students and colleagues. Choosing to participate is, in itself, making a political statement, while opting to abstain from the observance is as well.

You will be judged by choice or non-choice.

But controversy in school curricula is not limited to race. Unions pushed for inclusion of radical gender politics, as well; discussion of sexuality in the classroom. For many teachers, incorporating these sensitive and mature topics created conflicts with parents who would prefer to have those discussions in their family environment at home.

Does anyone else hear failed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe saying “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Don’t think it’s happening? Google Stacy Langton, a Virginia school mom who found pornographic books in her child’s library.

“Both of these books include pedophilia,” Langton told the [school] board. “Sex between men and boys … One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy.”

She then reads explicit excerpts from the book which we will, of course, spare you from.

As GAI researchers note, these disturbing examples of expanding union influence raises broader concerns about expanding the role of schools in the community and “reimagining” the traditional role of parents as the heads of the nuclear family.

Closing this out with an incredibly pertinent message from a Loudoun County school teacher who torched the school board while simultaneously supporting her fellow teachers and rallying parents to get involved.

Here’s what she said:

I’m a Fairfax County Public School teacher and I am going to give a message of encouragement to parents and teachers of students who are too afraid to come to speak forth. Parents, the longer that you wait and you don’t hold your child’s schools accountable gives these guys (points to school board) more time to dictate what’s best for your child’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

Don’t be afraid to speak out for your kids because they are voiceless and they rely on you. You should be afraid of them rooting for socialism by the time they get to middle school. 

Teachers, it may seem that our careers have come to a dead-end but I am here to remind you that we don’t work for the school board, we work to mold the next generation of well-rounded American patriots. So don’t give up because it is up to us.

Amen to that.