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‘PENN’ PALS: Hunter Biden’s Name Connected to Think Tank Where Classified Docs Found.

The University of Pennsylvania Also Took Large Donations from China.

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This story is developing quickly —and an old familiar face keeps popping up…

Despite Joe Biden’s shock over former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified docs, Americans are quickly discovering that the current president isn’t much better. Classified documents have now been found at several locations belonging to Biden.

If you’re keeping track (unlike Mr. Biden), unsecured classified documents have been found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C. and the Biden home in Wilmington, Delaware.

…in the garage, next to Biden’s Corvette (in case you were wondering).

And what would a Biden scandal be without Hunter and China being tied in somehow?

The first set of documents found at pro-Biden think tank The Penn Biden Center was in a location that Hunter Biden had access to and the Chinese may have helped fund.

According to emails from the infamous Laptop From Hell™, the embattled First Son was exploring a potential job opportunity at the Penn Biden Center and helped with the initial plans before it officially opened —and the center’s university was surrounded by millions of dollars in questionable funding from China.

From Fox News:

Penn took in roughly $77 million in gifts and contracts from China between 2014 and 2020, The Daily Pennsylvanian previously reported. Further, the Washington Free Beacon noted that foreign donations to the university tripled in the two years following the Biden Center’s opening in 2017, with most of the money coming from China. 

China? Hunter? Classified documents? But wait, there’s more! Hunter lived at the Wilmington, Delaware home where the next batch of documents was discovered.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

According to government documents stored on his personal computer, Hunter Biden lived in 2018 and 2019 at the Wilmington, Del., home where his father had classified materials stored in the garage. It is unclear precisely when the documents were put in the garage or when Hunter Biden began living at the residence, but in May 2018 the president’s scandal-plagued son was issued a Delaware driver’s license listing his father’s home as his primary residence.

And what does Joe Biden have to say about all this?

“I don’t know what’s in the documents. My lawyers have not suggested I ask what documents they were.”

It’s unlikely this thing will just blow over.

Get ready, Mr. President.