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Paying No Price: Andrew McCabe Receives Full Pension, Was ‘Never Fired.’

No Consequences for Fed Who Lied About Leak, Pushed Russia Narrative.

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Key Points

  • A recent settlement has granted Andrew McCabe his full pension and reversed his firing.
  • McCabe famously leaked information to the press and called Trump “a danger to national security.”
  • His record has been wiped clean and there will be no consequences for his actions.

Back in March of 2018, then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the department’s inspector general accused McCabe of lying about leaking sensitive information to a reporter regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails.

President Trump, no fan of McCabe’s, called the firing a “great day for Democracy.” McCabe famously told a Senate panel that the FBI had every reason to think that President Trump “posed a danger to national security,” and suspected he may have worked with Russia to undermine the 2016 election.

“We didn’t open a case because we liked one candidate or didn’t like the other one,” McCabe told a Senate panel at the time. “We didn’t open a case because we intended to stage a coup or overthrow the government… We opened a case to find out how the Russians might be undermining our elections. We opened a case because it was our obligation – our duty – to do so. We did our job.”

It should be noted that no American was ever indicted specifically for conspiring with the Russians to influence the 2016 election – but that didn’t stop the FBI from trying. But now, due to a settlement deal reached this week, Andrew McCabe, fired for leaks and lies, will get a clean slate and a full pension.

“Mr. McCabe accused the department of retaliation and terminating him for political reasons, which violated agency policies,” the New York Times reports. “Mr. McCabe’s lawyer argued that as a career civil servant, [he] should have been given 30 days’ notice before he was fired.”

“What happened to Andrew was a travesty, not just for him and his family, but the rule of law,” said Murad Hussain, McCabe’s lawyer. “We filed this suit to restore his retirement benefits, restore his reputation and take a stand for the rights of all civil servants, and that’s exactly what this settlement does.”

“Politics should never play a role in the fair administration of justice and civil service personnel decisions,” McCabe’s said in a statement. “[I hope this] encourages the men and women of the FBI to continue to protect the American people by standing up for the truth and doing their jobs without fear of political retaliation.”

Only one problem with that, Andrew: you didn’t stand up for the truth.