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ONE SANDWICH SHORT OF A PICNIC: Agents Pulled Off Cases to Make Sandwiches for Migrants.

Child Sex Trafficking Cases Delayed, DHS Agents Told to Care for Illegal Migrants.

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In what, perhaps, maybe the most incompetent move in a long line of incompetent moves, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security reassigned investigators with child sex trafficking cases to instead make sandwiches for illegal migrants at the border.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) revealed the allegations during a committee hearing on Tuesday. Hawley received the information from a whistleblower who says that more than 600 agents have been reassigned.

“We are being told to shut down investigations to go hand out sandwiches and escort migrants to the shower and sit with them while they’re in the hospital and those types of tasks,” said the whistleblower, herself a special agent, according to Hawley.

“Is she wrong?” Hawley asked Mayorkas during the committee hearing. “This is one of your agents, is she wrong?”

“We have a number of law enforcement priorities,” Mayorkas said, not denying the sandwich-making allegations. “We use our personnel to achieve the maximum law enforcement objective.”

From The Washington Times:

The claims the senator raised are similar to what department employees have told The Washington Times and other news outlets, with officers from anti-terrorism and immigration fraud task forces also being taken off their jobs and sent to the border to help process the massive flow of illegal immigrants.

Mr. Hawley said the redeployment of HSI special agents was particularly troubling because they are supposed to be helping track down some of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children smuggled into the country whom the government has lost track of.

The New York Times this year reported that many of those children have ended up being used for child labor.

Mayorkas’ admission comes at a time of record-breaking illegal crossings and “gotaways” at the southern border, and an unprecedented number of apprehensions involving illegal migrants on the U.S. terrorist watchlist.