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Ominous & Orwellian: The Short-Lived Disinformation Board

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Disinformation defines our era better than many other terms. It is global, it is digital, and it is polarized. And who better to tell us all about disinformation than the federal government? Well, on the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers unpack just why the government doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to telling the truth.

Just recently, the Department of Homeland Security created, and then quietly disbanded, the Disinformation Governance Board to handle matters relation to information and the malicious ways it could be spread or manufactured. But this is the same government that lied about torturing prisoners, misled Americans about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and lied about mass spying on its own citizens. So instead of working to rebuild the lost trust of American citizens, the government wants us to trust it on handling disinformation?

Orwellian comparisons aside, it is quite rich to ask those most harmed by government-spun disinformation to take the government at its word now.

Perhaps that is why DHS quietly sidelined the board not long after creating it. Ironically, another part of the reason may have been the heavy levels of disinformation levied against the members of the board, which apparently overwhelmed them to the point of calling it quits.