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MIGRANT MADNESS: New York City Begins Handing Out Debit Cards to Illegal Migrants.

Eight Cards are in the Pilot Program, 115 Planned by Next Week.

Photo for: MIGRANT MADNESS: New York City Begins Handing Out Debit Cards to Illegal Migrants.

More than 175,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing them out of the Lone Star state almost two years ago. The illegal occupants have strained public services and pushed Big Apple residents to their absolute limit.

Schools have been taken over; kids have been forced into remote learning; parks have become tent cities — but Mayor Eric Adams’ free debit card program may be the most egregious move (and waste of taxpayer dollars) yet.

According to a New York Post report, Staffers with the New Jersey company Mobility Capital Finance handed out eight preloaded Mastercards to illegal migrants at the Roosevelt Hotel on Monday; the program will expand to 115 cards by next week.

A family with two parents and kids under five will receive about $350 a week. The pilot program covers about 460 illegal migrants; it may be expanded if it is deemed successful.

“This cost-saving measure will replace the city’s current system of providing non-perishable food boxes to migrant families staying in hotels, much of which is often discarded,” Adams spokesperson Kayla Mamalek said.

City Hall claims the program will save the city $600,000.

Prominent conservative voices shared their thoughts on X.

“American families can barely afford rent and groceries. But Democrats are giving out gift cards and free money to illegal aliens. Where’s the leadership?” House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan said.

“ICYMI: Today, NYC has launched a $53M program to pay hundreds of dollars per week to illegal aliens through prepaid debit cards. There are THOUSANDS of homeless AMERICAN CITIZENS in NYC, yet the government prioritizes illegal aliens. It’s time to put the American people FIRST,” Florida Rep. Byron Donalds shared.

“Where can veterans and law-abiding American taxpayers get their prepaid debit cards? Asking for the entire country,” said Rep. and House Majority whip Tom Emmer.

It’s a good question — but one we likely won’t get an answer to.