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'LITANY OF CORRUPTION': Eggers Says the Bidens 'Don't Have Any More Lies to Sell the American People' [WATCH]

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute and co-host of The Drill Down podcast Eric Eggers guested on TBN’s Centerpoint to discuss the latest developments in the Biden family investigation.

Eggers reacts to the House Oversight Committtee’s latest subpoenas to James and Hunter Biden.

“We have a direct link from the people about to be subpoenaed to Joe Biden,” Eggers says. “This is a real thing. The more testimony we get, the more news that Hunter Biden’s testimony and James Biden’s testimony make, the more the American people will get a clear understanding that Joe Biden is actually central to the Biden family business empire.”

Eggers says the wire transfers are the most damning evidence against the Biden family.

“We have thirty-one million dollars that goes to the Biden family that’s linked directly to the Chinese espionage apparatus and the Chinese Communist party.”

“This has long been a litany of corruption,” Egger says.

Watch the clip above.