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Iran in the White House: Iranian Influence Network Dropped in on Joe Ten Times.

Three Men Tied to Special Envoy to Iran Who Was Put on Leave for Mishandling Info.

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One look at the Biden White House visitor logs is all you need to see this administration is buddying up to the wrong people…

According to Washington Examiner reporters who reviewed copies of the White House visitor logs, at least three reported members of a covert Iranian government-controlled influence network visited ten times between April 2022 and December 2023.

“Dina Esfandiary and Ali Vaez of the global International Crisis Group think tank, plus now-Pentagon official Ariane Tabatabai, was outed through the release of leaked Iranian government emails last year as being linked to a network called the Iran Experts Initiative, a project of Iran’s foreign ministry that helped push Tehran talking points in the U.S.,” The Examiner reports.

“Esfandiary, Vaez, and Tabatabai share connections to Robert Malley, President Joe Biden‘s special envoy to Iran who was placed on unpaid leave in June of last year amid a federal investigation into his handling of classified information, Semafor reported. Malley, who saw his security clearance revoked, was the Obama administration’s lead negotiator in 2015 for the heavily scrutinized Iran nuclear deal that waived sanctions for Iran — the leading state sponsor of terrorism,” The Examiner notes.

“There’s two things that are problematic here,” said Richard Goldberg, an ex-White House National Security Council member who worked on the Iran portfolio.

“One, it’s troubling that people with a track record of being very close to the regime and potentially sympathetic to the regime in Tehran have open-door access to the administration,” Goldberg, now a senior adviser to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank, told the Washington Examiner. “Two, it’s even more troubling that, to this day, we have no answers on the Malley investigation and where it’s leading.”

News of the frequent White House visits comes as stories are being reported about the Biden Administration’s back-channeling with Iran to give the go-ahead on a measured retaliatory strike against Israel. Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel’s Iron Dome over the weekend.

“The Biden administration’s collusion with Iran is arguably the most ignored political story in the last two years,” a senior GOP congressional aide told the Washington Examiner. “There’d be wall-to-wall mainstream media news coverage if a Republican administration had been crazy enough to engage with, say, a Russian influence network in the way that the Biden administration actually has engaged with an Iranian influence network.”