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Infamous NSBA Letter Calling Parents Terrorists Originally Wanted Troops Deployed.

Early Drafts Reveal Just How Extreme the School Board Association Wanted to Go.

Photo for: Infamous NSBA Letter Calling Parents Terrorists Originally Wanted Troops Deployed.

It wasn’t enough to label parents “domestic terrorists.” It wasn’t enough to write the President and involve the DOJ. According to early drafts of the now infamous National School Board Association letter, they wanted to deploy the National Guard to monitor school board meetings.

“We ask that the Army National Guard and its Military Police be deployed to certain school districts and related events where students and school personnel have been subjected to acts and threats of violence,” the NSBA said, originally.

Here are some other extreme asks that were cut before reaching Merrick Garland’s desk:

“The NSBA’s early draft also called parents speaking out ‘plotters who are targeting schools and educators’” Fox News reports. “Another removed portion cast doubt on whether critical race theory is being taught in schools. It said, ‘an increasing number of public school officials [are] facing physical threats because of propaganda purporting the inclusion of critical race theory within classroom instruction and curricula.’”

Of course now we know that CRT is taught —at least in some instances —in the classroom. But that lie floats by relatively unnoticed in the face of so much crazy. Let’s review:

The NSBA wanted parents labeled as “domestic terrorists.”
The NSBA wanted to frame these domestic terrorist parents as “plotters.”
Finally, the NSBA wanted the military to get involved in school board meetings.

Attorney General Merrick Garland originally denied treating parents like “domestic terrorists,” but now we know —thanks to FBI whistleblowers —that threat tags were used to track parents.

As previously reported by The Drill Down…

Two FBI whistleblowers have revealed that parents were targeted with terrorism tools, including a line set up for snitching and use of an internal threat tag: “EDUOFFICIALS.” Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan is livid.

“This whistleblower information raises serious concerns that your October 4 memorandum will chill protected First Amendment activity as parents will rightfully fear that their passionate advocacy for their children could result in a visit from federal law enforcement,” Jordan and fellow lawmaker Rep. Mike Johnson wrote in a letter to Garland.

What’s scary isn’t how off the wall the NSBA’s original asks were —it’s how they mostly got what they wanted: parents were labeled as terrorists and the FBI got involved.

Don’t be shocked if members of our armed forces start showing up at school board meetings.

The crazy train has already left the station.