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IN THE SHADOW OF CHINESE COAL: WEF Pushes ‘Green’ While Sponsored by Coal.

World Economic Forum Wants Green Energy —But Here’s an Inconvenient Truth.

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More hypocritical climate nonsense…

While the World Economic Forum (WEF) pushes a rapid transition towards green energy sources, it’s hoping that nobody is looking at the man behind the curtain (read: The Great Wall).

WEF Managing Director Jeremy Jurgens wrote a piece for Fortune magazine entitled: We have everything we need to speed up the energy transition. It’s time to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge. Excerpt below:

There has not been a time in history when humanity has been better positioned to finally mitigate the damage it has caused to the climate. Since the start of industrialization 230 years ago, humanity has released more than 2 trillion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For much of that time, we’ve been either unaware or unwilling to accept our impact on this ever-warming planet.

However, in recent years, there’s been a critical shift. Today, in the climate science community, 97% agree humans created global warming–a consensus that wasn’t always a given. Around the world, society’s trust in climate science has surged. We no longer need to waste time debating whether there is a crisis.

Okay, assuming Jurgens is correct about a crisis —why is he taking money from a coal company?

According to a report from The Daily Caller, “China Energy Investment (CEIC), a state-owned power giant, is listed as a sponsor on the WEF’s website for its 2023 annual summit. The firm is China’s top coal miner and operates in other power sectors such as wind and geothermal.”

“CEIC’s coal production reached 480 million tons by 2017, according to its WEF page, and it recently began importing Australian coal to meet growing power demand, Reuters reported. CEIC has 24 coal mines with at least 10 million tons in annual capacity, including the world’s first 200-million coal mine cluster, its website says.”.

And the WEF doesn’t just take money from Chinese coal companies —they outright praise the red giant, calling it “a model for many nations,” according to World Economic Forum Founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab.

Total, utter nonsense.