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'GREEN ENERGY PIPE DREAMS': Eggers Blasts Biden's New Climate Corps. [WATCH]

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by American Right Now on Newsmax over the weekend to discuss President Biden’s recently revealed American Climate Corps; Eggers is no fan.

“This is an attempt to get activists government jobs,” fellow guest Mandy Gunasekara says. “It continues to fester this problem of bloated government.”

“Are there civil liberty concerns here?” host Tom Basile asks Eggers.

“I think there are civil liberty concerns but I think the larger concerns are actually environmental,” Eggers says. “Look at the recent wildfires in Hawaii or in California. We know that those are actually the direct result of the Biden Administration’s incentives encouraging people to do exactly the wrong thing.”

“Rather than clear-cutting forests, as we have decades of proof to suggest is how you actually save lives, they’re investing in these green-energy pipe dreams. Hawaii for example spent $245,000 on clear-cutting while they spent $3 billion on green-energy projects over the last three years.”

“It’s costing lives.”

Watch Egger’s analysis above.