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"FRAUD: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election" (2018)

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In 2018 Eric Eggers, co-host of The DrillDown and vice president of research at the Government Accountability Institute, wrote a book on the many varieties of election fraud. In it he documents how fraud has played a role in elections in the past.FRAUD by Eric Eggers

FRAUD: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election discusses how one political party uses mass immigration and identity politics as part of its electoral strategy. The book is full of examples of cities such as San Francisco and Chicago that legalized voting by non-citizens. So-called “motor voter” laws have allowed voter registration by non-citizens because citizenship status is not required or checked when they get a driver’s license. Eggers quotes elections officials admitting voter fraud is real through their own first-hand experience with it.

The book reports on a group of citizens who uncovered 45,000 cases of double voting but were prevented from pursuing prosecution. It includes leaked memos from a group founded by billionaire George Soros that demonstrate their Influence over the details of local election laws. It shows how a former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer named Marc Elias used Soros’s money to block voter ID laws in key states ahead of 2016 election and how several organizations also funded by Soros were charged with elections violations while engaged in get out vote efforts.