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Flying Under the Radar: Feds Abandoning Airport Security ID Protocols for Migrants.

No way to ‘100% guarantee’ Identities. ‘Room for Fraud is Wide’.

Photo for: Flying Under the Radar: Feds Abandoning Airport Security ID Protocols for Migrants.

If an American citizen wants to fly the friendly skies, they need to present at least 1 of the 15 accepted forms of government ID; remove their shoes, belt, and outerwear; and, if they have any electronics or water bottles, they can expect a rigorous review of all contents therein.

But, for illegal migrants, it doesn’t work quite the same way. In fact, it’s much easier.

Due to the Biden adminstration’s lackadaisical border enoforcement, illegal immigration is at 20-year high. The U.S. is on track for one million encounters at the southern border this year. Border patrol facilities are incapable of handling this influx of new arrivals and have resorted to putting some of immigrants on flights to cross the country at the taxpayers’ expense.

So how do migrants get cleared for flights when they don’t have a valid government-issued photo ID? Simple – the TSA makes an exception. Migrants are being flown all over the country without having to present the necessary ID.

“The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has an established process to verify the identity of undocumented individuals who have received immigration documents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and are ticketed for travel on a commercial airline,” TSA press secretary Sarah Rodriguez told Just the News.

But former acting commissioner of the CBP Mark Morgan has doubts about the process.

“When you have 180,000 people crossing a month and many don’t have the official travel documents normally needed to ensure identity, there is only so much you can do,” Morgan tells Just the News. “If you are calling a Cuba or a Venezuela or a Sudan consulate, can we really be sure? I don’t think so,” he continues. “We are abandoning every single security norm we learned after 9/11 just to move illegal aliens through the country.”

So we know immigrants are flying around the country while circumventing critical, established security norms. But what’s more troubling? What we don’t know.

“Among unanswered questions is how many such flights carrying how many illegal immigrants have flown out of McAllen and other border city airports since Biden took office Jan. 20, where the illegal immigrants went, and how much these flights have cost taxpayers. Nor is it clear how many, if any, of the illegal immigrants are tested for COVID-19,” The Daily Signal reports.

“There is no way to 100% guarantee the identity of everyone coming across our borders illegally, especially when law enforcement organization’s facilities are dangerously overcrowded and are being pressured to release them as fast as possible,” Morgan says.

“The room for fraud is wide.”