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FLIGHT PLAN: 90% of Illegal Migrants on Biden Border Planes Land in FL, TX.

Could This Be Some Kind of Payback Against Two Prominent GOP Governors?

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It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the Biden Administration has been flying illegal migrants from the southern border into airports and communities all over the country; more than 40 airports have reportedly been destinations for the flights.

But now we’re learning that vocal GOP opponents of the Biden flights — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott — may be fielding the brunt of the illegal migrants.

DeSantis and Abbott are among Biden’s harshest border critics. And according to a new analysis of U.S. Customs and Border Protection numbers by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), Florida and Texas are receiving 90% of Biden’s illegal migrants flown from the southern border.

“This early evidence suggests that a great many of these inadmissible alien passengers, probably a majority, initially land at international airports in Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Florida,” said CIS, which reported that the program has let in 386,000 people since October 2022. “In fact, Florida turns out to be the top landing and U.S. customs processing zone for this direct-flights parole-and-release program, tallying at nearly 326,000 of the initial arrivals from inception through February.”

CIS Investigator Todd Bensman says the program allows “aspiring illegal border crossers” from nine Latin American countries to buy an airline ticket to fly directly to the city of their choice, where they are processed and let go.

“Begun in October 2022 for Venezuelans and expanded in January 2023 to Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Colombians, the program approves flight travel authorizations for aspiring illegal border-crossers still in other countries to instead arrange commercial airline passage for themselves over the southern border and then receive temporary but easily renewable ‘humanitarian parole’ from CBP officers at the airport,” Bensman said in his new report.

Bensman says that the Department of Homeland Security has been less than transparent with how many illegal migrants are being flown — and to where.

“Public knowledge of where these flights deliver migrants should matter to local, state, and national leaders in cities struggling with migrant influxes, who could use the information to financially plan for their care or petition the federal government to stop the flights,” he said.

“The information may also hold implications for litigation by Texas, Florida, and other states that have sued to stop the parole programs on grounds that the administration’s illegal abuse of the narrow statutory parole authority has directly harmed them.”

Could the Texas and Florida focus be some kind of retaliation from the Biden Administration for DeSantis and Abbott’s busing of migrants to sanctuary cities?