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ENEMY MINE: Canadian Lithium Company Attempts to Minimize China’s Influence.

Ganfeng Wants U.S. Lithium —But It's Owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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Quick recap on China trying to muscle into Nevada’s lithium mine…

As previously reported on The Drill Down, Lithium Americas, the foreign company planning to mine lithium in Nevada —isn’t American at all. The company’s largest shareholder is a Chinese enterprise led by known CCP members called “Ganfeng.”

At least one former Trump Administration member is sounding the alarm: Mike Pompeo.

“The United States government has a responsibility to look through this façade, this corporate entity that is fronting the Chinese Communist Party, and prevent them from moving forward,” Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon.

“This is clearly an intention by the Chinese Communist Party to control the entire supply chain for green energy. They want a monopoly on lithium, and allowing them to do this by presenting themselves through a Canadian entity is dangerous. The United States Department of Treasury has the capacity to stop this from happening, and they should.”

Now, Lithium Americas is doing its best to circumvent any “geopolitical” concerns —i.e. giving China access to one of America’s richest lithium deposits.

“On Nov. 3, Lithium Americas announced it would split into two independent public companies,” reports American Military News. “The Canadian company had primarily been focused on mining projects in Argentina and announced that the split-off company Lithium International would assume Lithium Americas’ Argentine mining assets, while Lithium Americas would keep the Thacker Pass project and the company’s other North American investments.”

“Ganfeng holds direct ownership stakes in some of the Argentine mining assets and, by splitting off that part of the company, Lithium Americas could dilute its Chinese ownership in the Thacker Pass project,” AMN adds.

But is it enough to quell concerns from the GOP? Not exactly. Pompeo calls it a “half-measure.”

“Until we know that no CCP-controlled shareholder is involved in this project, the Treasury Department should not allow it to move forward,” Pompeo said.

When will lawmakers get serious about restricting China’s access to valuable U.S. resources and large swaths of land near our top-secret military facilities?

Clock’s ticking.