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EGGERS ON THE AIRWAVES: 'The Playing Field is Not Level. China is an Active Threat.'

The GAI VP Says More People Need to Understand How China Works.

Vice President of Research at the Government Accountability Institute and co-host of The Drill Down Podcast Eric Eggers joined Shaun Thompson Tuesday night on AM560’s The Shaun Thompson Show to discuss founding the GAI and exposing political corruption – on both sides of the aisle.

“Everyone is in on the take,” Eggers says of Washington D.C. insiders and the elite political class. The GAI VP also stresses the threat of America’s most dangerous enemy: China.

“More people need to understand the breadth and scope of the Chinese investment in swaying American influence. The reality is we cannot do in China what China does in the United States,” Eggers says.

“The playing field is not level…China is an active threat.”

Listen to the clip above. Hear more from Eric Eggers on The Drill Down: CLICK HERE.