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EGGERS ON SCHMITT: 'The Bar is High on Proving Corruption — and the Bidens Exploited it!' [Watch]

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax to share his expert analysis on New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s corruption and how it relates to the ongoing corruption investigation into the Biden family.

“Talk about the very high bar to prove corruption in American politics,” Schmitt prompts Eggers.

“If you’re wondering how high the bar is, look at how much evidence has been amassed against the Bidens specifically and no action has been taken,” Eggers says.

“Zoom out and think about this: you talk about the incredibly damning charges that Bob Menendez faces…his lawyer is the guy Hunter Biden hired! He’s dealing with the same thing!”

“The only difference between the Bob Menendez and the Hunter Biden cases is the indictment.”

Watch Eggers’ analysis above.