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EGGERS ON ARCHER: 'He Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried and Where the Money Went.'

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt Tonight to highlight key findings from the testimony of ex-Biden buddy Devon Archer.

“This is the most credible witness testimony we’ve had to this point,” Eggers says. “This guy was considered another Biden brother. He went to Yale with Hunter…he’s considered to be the brains of the operation…this is exactly who we need to hear from…this guy knows not only knows where the bodies are buried —but where the money went and who paid it.”

“Listen to how the language has evolved. When the New York Times first reported on this…back in 2018 it was ‘Joe Biden has had no knowledge and no conversation ever with Hunter Biden about any of his business dealings’ Now it’s ‘Oh, yeah, sure he knew about it but he never made any money off these guys.”

Watch the clip above.