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EGGERS: Obvious Conclusion to Biden's Fake Names is He Was Trying to Hide Activities.

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by Centerpoint with host Lyndsay Keith to dive into the latest revelations from the Biden investigations —including the discovery of his email aliases “Robert L. Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and JRB Ware.

“We have this evidence that Joe Biden was using these fake names…why was he using those in emails when he was Vice President?” Keith asks Eggers.

“The only obvious conclusion to draw is to obfuscate or hide whatever activities he was involved in,” Eggers says. “We now know the office of the Vice President was sending emails that were CC’ing Hunter Biden to Joe Biden’s fictitious name…in which he says ‘by the way, you have a call with the President of Ukraine today.'”

“That’s one of the many troubling developments we now know and I think it’s consistent with a larger pattern with of the Bidens trying to hide their involvement of just how much money they were making and the role Joe Biden played at every turn,” Eggers says.

Watch the clip above.