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EGGERS: Bidens Are "The Brand," Have Acquired $31M in Deals Connected to Chinese Espionage.

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by Washington Watch with Tony Perkins to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing Biden crime family drama.

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Devon Archer dropped bombshells earlier this week, pushing the once-fringe investigation further into the mainstream.

“Devon Archer worked with Hunter Biden and both were able to secure board seats for Burisma Holdings which is a Ukrainian natural gas company…Hunter Biden was paid one million dollars a year for that position,” Eggers says.

“There have been a lot of questions as to why Hunter Biden would be selected to be put on the board of this random third-world gas company,” Eggers says, before exposing the business model employed by Joe and Hunter to enrich themselves off of foreign governments.

Eggers also talks about the Biden “brand.”

“Devon Archer talked extensively about the fact that the Bidens are ‘the brand,'” Eggers says. “The biggest bombshell we have from the Archer testimony —the fact that Hunter Biden was able to, in the presence of his customers, put his father, Vice President Joe Biden on the phone upwards of twenty times —that is the brand!”