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DID YOU CATCH IT? Durham Found Biden Briefed on Hillary’s Trump-Russia Plan.

Vice President Joe Biden Knew the Trump Allegations Were Manufactured in 2016.

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The report is 306 pages, so you may have missed it…

Buried within Special Counsel John Durham’s bombshell report that found intelligence agencies unjustly and without evidence targeted then-candidate Donald Trump in a Russian collusion investigation, Durham notes that then-VP Joe Biden was briefed on the “Clinton Plan.”

That’s Hillary Clinton’s plan to tie Trump to Russia, by hook or by crook (by crook, it turns out).

According to his report, Durham found the FBI’s rush to investigate Trump was “markedly different from the [its] actions with respect to other highly significant intelligence it received from a trusted foreign source pointing to a Clinton campaign plan to vilify Trump by tying him to Vladimir Putin.”

You don’t say.

According to The Washington Examiner, “Biden, while President Barack Obama’s vice president, was briefed on what Durham dubbed the ‘Clinton Plan intelligence’ in the summer of 2016. The intelligence concerned the purported ‘approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers’ to ‘stir up a scandal’ against Trump by ‘tying him’ to ‘Putin and the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee.’”

Oh really? What else, Mr. Durham?

“Unlike the FBI’s opening of a full investigation of unknown members of the Trump campaign based on raw, uncorroborated information, in this separate matter involving a purported Clinton campaign plan, the FBI never opened any type of inquiry, issued any taskings, employed any analytical personnel, or produced any analytical products in connection with the information,” Durham wrote. “This lack of action was despite the fact that the significance of the Clinton Plan intelligence was such as to have prompted the Director of the CIA to brief the President, Vice President, Attorney General, Director of the FBI, and other senior government officials about its content within days of its receipt.”

Durham “did not identify any further actions that the CIA or FBI took in response to this intelligence product as it related to the Clinton Plan intelligence” and “located no evidence that in conducting the Crossfire Hurricane investigation the FBI considered whether and how the Clinton Plan intelligence might impact the investigation.”

Sounds like the deck was stacked against Trump all the way to the top. And Biden, despite being briefed on attempts to dishonestly tie Trump to Russia, took full advantage of the narrative while running against him leading up to 2020.