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Did Archer Bury the Bidens? Eric Eggers Reacts to Testimony Fallout, Trump v. Biden [WATCH].

Vice President of the Government Accountability Institute Eric Eggers stopped by TBN’s Counterpoint to discuss the fallout from Devon Archer’s bombshell testimony with host Lyndsay Keith.

Keith questioned Eggers about the “coincidence” that new Trump indictments always seem to drop right after Hunter Biden bombshells are revealed. “The timing does seem suspicious on this,” Keith says.

“The news from the last four weeks couldn’t be worse for Hunter Biden… and we now know that the Hunter Biden plea deal fell apart thanks to the scrutiny of a Trump-appointed judge,” Eggers said.

“The key is… you had lawyers from the United States government and Hunter Biden telling a judge that it wasn’t her place to say the investigation into Hunter Biden had problems or that more charges should have been filed and that the remedy was the political process…not the judiciary.”

“If they’re saying that the remedy for charges against Hunter Biden’s investigation is political and not judicial, then I think it’s fair to say the investigations into Donald Trump are political as well.”

Watch the clip above.