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COVID: THE SEQUEL! Ernst Blasts Biden for Funding ‘High-Risk’ Pathogen Research in Guinea.

‘It’s clear EcoHealth can’t be trusted — with dollars or dangerous diseases.'

Photo for: COVID: THE SEQUEL! Ernst Blasts Biden for Funding ‘High-Risk’ Pathogen Research in Guinea.

Hawkeye State Senator Joni Ernst is speaking out after the Biden Administration refuses to stop researching “pathogens of pandemic potential” via controversial nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance.

The program started in September 2021 and is set to end in September 2024.

According to The New York Post, “The Department of Defense began funding Georgetown University in September 2021 for a three-year project out of its Defense Threat Reduction Agency focused on ‘reducing the risk of pathogens causing fever’ in Guinea.

According to the U.S. grant database, the project objectives are listed as follows:

To support and stimulate basic, applied and advanced research at educational or research institutions, non-profit organizations, and commercial firms, which support the advancement of fundamental knowledge and understanding of the sciences with an emphasis on exploring new and innovative research for combating or countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

EcoHealth Alliance has received subgrants as part of the project — even though it’s linked to the virology lab in Wuhan, China where COVID is suspected to have originated.

“It’s clear EcoHealth can’t be trusted — with dollars or dangerous diseases — after they funneled taxpayer dollars to fund Chinese-run risky research in Wuhan,” Ernst (R-Iowa) told The Post.

“That’s why Congress approved my proposal to audit the defense dollars flowing to and through EcoHealth to pay for batty experiments in China or anywhere else. Even after my provision, more funds have already found their way to Ecohealth Alliance. We must stop this before they are used to make the world a less safe place.”

See if this sounds familiar…

The research is aimed at “reducing the risk of pathogens causing fever” in Guinea and “will test blood samples” from human patients and “assess” bats, dogs, rodents and livestock “with which the patients may interact.”

Does that sound a bit like gain-of-function?

Back in January, Ernst and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) asked the DoD’s inspector general to probe more than $50 million in Pentagon grants to Chinese pandemic research institutions.

“A comprehensive review of these matters is crucial for identifying potential national security threats that could result either from Pentagon procurement of technology from Chinese companies or dangerous experiments being conducted in foreign laboratories with substandard safety conditions,” Ernst and Gallagher wrote in a letter to the Pentagon.

Guess they have to add Guinea to the list.