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COVID-19 Infected Students' Testing Scores

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The United States has been fighting to improve its global standings in child education. In 2020, decade’s worth of progress came to a halt and children are left deeper in the dark than ever before. On the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast, listen to Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers analyze the sudden drop in child testing scores and how teachers’ unions play a major role in the decline.

After haphazard attempts at remote learning, it was clear brick-and-mortar schools are not only beneficial, but ideal for students’ education and retention. However, for the last two years, teachers’ unions have fought to keep our students online, focusing their efforts on their own interests instead of enlightening children’s minds. Their “activism” helped contribute to the lowest testing scores seen in the last twenty years.

It is time teachers’ unions concern themselves with students, rather than pet progressive political causes. Tune in to the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast to hear how “safety” has left the next generation at a disadvantage.