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Coming to Grips With Our Orwellian Overlords Means Letting Go of Truth.

Big Tech’s Ceaseless Censorship Clouds Reality and Casts Doubt on Our Experts.

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What do we know? Serious question —what do we know and how do we know it? According to Pew Research, 8 in 10 Americans get their news from digital devices; nearly half follow the day’s events on their social media platform of choice. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Here’s the truth as far as I know: news —actual journalism —shouldn’t be consumed with DIY vampire fangs; the face wax challenge; the corn cob challenge; the cereal challenge; the skull breaker challenge (especially the skull breaker challenge) —this is dangerous social media trash.

But you’d be hard pressed to find a disclaimer on any of these social media “challenges” or similarly stupid “content” found in your dopamine-triggering  scroll of doom. You’re free to crack your skull and choke on cereal. But, if you’re an accomplished economist, you’d better not give your opinion on whether we’re in a recession or not. Big no-no, there.

This brings us to our latest installment of Big Tech Strikes Again (apologies to Morrissey)…

Phillip Magness, the research and education director at the American Institute for Economic Research, believes the U.S. is in a recession —regardless of how the Biden Administration tries to redefine it. Technically, we’ve had two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP and, back in my day (old man warning), that used to be called a “recession.”

Magness agrees, and said as much on Facebook —then he was flagged by “fact-checkers.”

According to The Daily Mail, “The post – which is no longer visible – was marked by Facebook’s fact-checkers as being misleading. “We live in an Orwellian hells cape,” Magness tweeted.”Facebook is now ‘fact checking’ anyone who questions the White House’s word-games about the definition of a recession.”

And the White House really doesn’t want people to believe we’re in a recession. Have you checked Wikipedia lately?

“A Wikipedia administrator has placed a pause on edits to Wikipedia’s ‘Recession’ page by unregistered users until early August to stop ‘vandalism’ and ‘malicious’ content after the page was edited 41 times in the past seven days with repeated attempts to alter the historical definition of a recession,” The Daily Wire reports.

That sounds a little like rewriting history. In fact, that’s exactly what it is.

“An editor by the name ‘Soibangla’ — the third most prominent member of the Recession page by authorship — repeatedly deleted additions by other editors who used the textbook definition of a recession as being two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.”

The Disinformation Governance Board didn’t die —it just changed its clothes.

Is the Biden Administration even capable of shooting straight with the American people?