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CBS-Produced Drama Highlights Fictional Sexual Assault Allegations Against DeSantis

Photo for: CBS-Produced Drama Highlights Fictional Sexual Assault Allegations Against DeSantis

In the shocking series finale of CBS’s “The Good Fight” a fictional character accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of sexual assault in a (fictional) bid to help former president Donald Trump win the 2024 GOP presidential primary. The graphic clip circulating on social media shows a fictional character from the show describing in detail an alleged crime committed against him by Governor Ron DeSantis. Though it is later revealed that this accusation was fabricated to help Donald Trump win in 2024, the scene is shocking and reveals a disturbing carelessness in the CBS writers’ room.

Many on social media have interpreted the scene as an early attack by leftwing media on DeSantis as he is rumored to be preparing for a presidential run in 2024. Whether this was an intentional attack on DeSantis’s character or not, the clip taken out of context is offensive and misleading, as much as it is in poor taste.

This is not the first time the show has attracted criticism for its take on GOP politicians. In 2019, “The Good Fight,” a drama about a high-profile Chicago law firm, came under scrutiny for posting an image from the show on Twitter, which included a list of words that read “assassinate,” “president,” and “Trump,” and “Eliminate,” “Mar-A-Lago,” and “missile.” CBS released a statement in response to the outrage this garnered, clarifying that the tweet and its imagery had been taken out of context. The intent of the tweet was to direct friends to an easter egg in the image regarding a character from the show.

Over the past several days, former president Donald Trump has been attacking Ron DeSantis on Truth Social, claiming to have made Ron DeSantis’s career and referring to DeSantis as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

As for DeSantis himself, though has been featured prominently on social media since Election Day, he himself is keeping to standard tweets about Florida governance and last week’s hurricane  storm.