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BRUNER: 'Biden is Totally Compromised and It's a Huge National Security Issue.'

'This is not about a laptop. This is totally about Joe Biden.'

Government Accountability Institute director of research Seamus Bruner recently sat down for a nearly hour-long video interview with WND (above); Bruner wants to stress to Americans that this isn’t just about some laptop.

“This is not about Hunter Biden. This is not about a laptop,” he said. “This is totally about Joe Biden.”

Watch the video above. Excerpts below.

“When Joe Biden is a senator writing banking legislation, Hunter Biden is a lobbyist working for banking companies,” he said. “So, when Joe Biden becomes vice president, that’s when Hunter really gets into the international dealings.”

“It’s like insider trading, which is notoriously hard to prove,” Bruner said. “But you see the pattern of transactions always just happening to be in the areas where Joe Biden is the policy point man.”

“We were shocked. And it’s only gotten worse, the more we find out – the Chinese intelligence connections, that it’s tens of millions of dollars directly into Biden family pockets.”

“There’s at least five people tied to the highest levels of Chinese Communist Party intelligence who are enriching the son of the Vice President,” Bruner said.