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Biden Buddy Very Lightly Slapped on Wrist, Gets One-Year and a Day Prison Sentence.

SCHWEIZER SAYS “This hardly appears to be justice done. More like selective justice.”

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Hunter Biden’s old Yale buddy and corrupt business partner Devon Archer was sentenced to just one year in prison for defrauding a Native American Tribe out of $60 million in bonds. Archer got off light —the prosecution wanted him to serve at least 30 months jail time.

“Archer, 47, appeared for his sentencing hearing at the Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse in Lower Manhattan, where Judge Ronnie Abrams also ordered him to forfeit $15,700,513 and pay $43,427,436 in restitution,” the Daily Mail reports.

Archer’s lawyer, Matthew Schwartz, plans to appeal, claiming Archer was “plainly kept in the dark” about the defrauding scheme and lost “a substantial amount of his own money.”

“Mr. Archer is obviously disappointed with today’s sentence, and intends to appeal.  It is unfortunate that the judge, who has previously expressed concern that Mr. Archer is innocent of the crimes charged and reiterated that belief today, felt that she was constrained not to act on her independent assessment of the evidence,” Schwartz said in a statement after the sentencing.

People following the case closely who thought Archer’s conviction, if strict, may have signaled a possible flip on Hunter Biden, are certainly disappointed with this lenient sentence. Peter Schwezier, author of bestseller Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, says “this hardly appears to be justice done —it’s more like selective justice.”

And he’s right. Archer’s associates were handed stricter sentences —and Biden is safe, for now.

According to the Daily Mail, Hunter’s name is all over this case, even if he wasn’t the one on trial. Hunter’s name was used in literature promoting the scheme and was named as a witness.

“The defendants invoked and used Hunter’s name – without his knowledge – to lend their business venture more credibility,” attorney George Mesires said. “As soon as Hunter learned of the illegal conduct, and that his name was being used in this unauthorized and inappropriate manner, Hunter took immediate steps to ensure that his business interests would not be associated with the Burnham Group or with any of the defendants,’ Mesires added.

But we know, thanks to the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, that Biden was involved with Archer and the company, Burnham Financial Group, while Archer was defrauding one of the poorest Native American tribes in the nation.

According to the Daily mail, in September 2011, Archer wrote to Hunter encouraging him to meet Bevan Cooney, one of the first to be jailed for the scheme, telling his best friend: “I want to work with them” and “I want you to meet Chad [another business associate] and Bevan. Our type of guys.”

And in May 2014, Hunter wrote to Archer asking about their plan to sell his broker-dealer company Rosemont Seneca Partners to Burnham as part of their deal.

‘Need to map out Burnham play and begin to move BD [broker-dealer] and Advisory team in that direction w/o revealing too much before anything is certain,’ Hunter wrote.

“Archer replied, saying they may face difficulties with financial regulators – but that his main concern was getting paid.”

They sound like stand up, law-abiding gentlemen. If this is the kind of company he keeps, we only have one question: how much longer before the hammer is dropped on Hunter Biden?