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ARMY GREEN! Sec. Granholm Wants All-Electric Army Vehicle Fleet in 7 Years.

The Energy Secretary Is Being Blasted for Ignorance, Says ‘We Can Get There.’

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Haven’t we learned anything from Bob Dylan? You never go electric…

While testifying in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Energy Secretary and green-energy enthusiast Secretary Jennifer Granholm said she wanted an all-electric Army vehicle fleet in 7 years; “and I think we can get there,” she said.

“And I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally-traded fossil fuels where we know that global events, such as the war in Ukraine, can jack up prices for people back home – it does not contribute to energy security.”

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), a former member of the National Guard, strongly disagrees.

“When it comes to the EV fleet, I don’t support it. I think we got a 10 billion price tag here on a very expensive, unreliable product,” Ernst responded. “I’m going to make a plug again for homegrown energy. We have a fleet right now that can use ethanol products, that can use biodiesel —right now! We don’t have to invest that 10 billion dollars.”

“I believe the proposed swapping of the military’s non-tactical vehicles for an all-electric fleet by 2030 is really putting the climate crusade ahead of our lethality —we need to focus on that first,” Ernst said earlier in the hearing.

“At a time when we are constrained by dollars, we need to take what we have right now and utilize it,” Ernst concluded.

Granholm’s comments were met with similar pushback on social media.

Retired Army Colonel James Hutton said, “.@SecGranholm knows zero about battlefield realities. There’s zero chance of our military forces being able to field an all-EV fleet in a mere 7 years. More importantly, such an effort would make the military almost completely dependent on China for its source of fuel.”

“Asinine. As a former military member and Pentagon officer, this is what you get when you have political appointees appointed into these [senior civil service] positions – someone brain dead in charge of things but they are only in the position because they/family donated; fill a DEI quota; or related to a politician,” one retired Air Force officer added.

Finally, former Trump Admin official Amber Smith said “It’s almost like they want us to fail.”

It’s not that they want us to fail, they just want the green agenda to succeed —at all costs.