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Alms for the Rich: Celebrities Took Millions in PPP Loans, Won’t Have to Repay.

Kardashians, Pelosis, Tom Brady, Reese Witherspoon Got Millions in COVID Cash.

Photo for: Alms for the Rich: Celebrities Took Millions in PPP Loans, Won’t Have to Repay.

Waste, waste, waste.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady is worth $400 million dollars —that’s a lot of scratch. Khloe Kardashian is worth $60 million dollars —less scratch, but still objectively comfortable. The Pelosis are worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 million —they ain’t going hungry.

Rap mogul Jay-Z is worth more than $1 BILLION DOLLARS —COVID didn’t really mess with HOV.

But all these people and more —rich celebrities, privileged politicians, and all-star athletes —benefited immensely from PPP loans —also known as Payment Protection Program loans, set up for desperate businesses hit by the COVID pandemic.

None of the above are desperate for anything other than attention. And, according to The Daily Mail, “the loan program cost US taxpayers $953billion, with the University of Texas estimating that 15 percent of PPP claims – around $76billion – were fraudulent.”

Let’s take a look at how Biden’s “Money for Millionaires” program worked out, via The Daily Mail:

Jay-Z is associated with two firms approved for a loan two years ago. Malibu Entertainment is linked to his streaming platform Tidal and took $2,106,398 to secure 95 jobs and was let off of repaying the full amount.

Tom Brady’s company, TB12 Inc, was given $960,855 to help secure 80 jobs. The full amount, plus interest of nearly $12,000, is fully forgiven. Brady co-founded the company with body coach Alex Guerrero.

Reese Witherspoon’s clothing company, Draper James LLC, was given $975,472 in the first PPP round for payroll and rent, and had the loan wiped out.

Green Day Inc and Green Day Touring Inc succeeded with three loans between them, worth $452,302 for 39 jobs, with it all being forgiven apart from $66,000

Funny —so many of these artists and musicians make bank badmouthing America —and yet here they are, in the land of opportunity where millions in relief —TOTALLY FORGIVEN RELIEF —is provided to them and their already-very wealthy companies.

And we can’t close out without addressing our favorite insider money-makers: the Pelosis.

According to the Daily Mail, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi has an 8.1 percent share in EDI Associates, a restaurant business which took out two PPP loans, totaling over $1 million. Both loans were forgiven in full.”

Great. We can all sleep better at night knowing our hard-earned tax dollars ensured Paul Pelosi’s stock portfolio didn’t take a hit.

This…is disgusting.