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81,940 EMAILS TO GO: National Archives Has Only Released 40 Biden Pseudonym Emails.

‘Completely Violated the Federal Records Act’ Sen. Ron Johnson Says.

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While Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents has taken center stage, we must not forget that Biden is still being probed for using pseudonym emails in a potentially illegal mix of personal and White House business.

According to a report from Just The News, “The National Archives and Records Administration released this month to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a public interest law firm, only about 60 emails of the 82,000 pages of emails it says it preserved from Joe Biden’s private, pseudonym email accounts from his time as vice president.”

The records were produced pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit prompted by Just the News reporting three years ago. Initial records released involved messages from the Joe Biden email address

According to JTN, “Biden conducted official White House business on his private, commercial email account, including receiving copies of speeches he made, drafts of speeches he was going to give and news articles he wanted to discuss with his senior staff.”

 “Not only does it violate federal records laws […] Gmail is not a secure government communications system.  And especially not for White House business,” a former FBI intelligence officer said.

“[The] Obama administration and now the Biden administration, they were both lawless administrations, it is obvious that number of administration officials during the Obama years, completely violated the Federal Records Act with impunity, they couldn’t care less,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told JTN.

“And we have emails from private email accounts going right to President Obama, right. So they knew they were violating this, but they just did it with impunity,” Johnson added.

Johnson also compared Biden’s emails to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s scandal.

“It’ll be really interesting to see how many emails Vice President Biden sent once the Hillary Clinton email scandal broke, where it was obvious that this was made public and this is a real problem for the secretary of state at that point in time,” Johnson said.

He added: “They do this with impunity because by and large, the media does not hold them accountable. So they know they can get away with it.”

And, so far, Mr. Biden has gotten away with it.