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15,000 Americans Trapped: Biden Cut Trump-Era Crisis Response Bureau in June.

The Program Protected American Citizens Stationed Overseas.

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Key Points

The international community is watching in horror as a once greatly diminished terrorist group rises up stronger than ever before. The Biden administration’s botched troop withdrawal rolled out the red carpet for the Taliban, gifting them billions in U.S. military equipment and trillions in precious earth metals.

Former President Donald Trump says, “our country has never been more humiliated.”

And he’s right. This is a disaster of epic proportions on an international scale. In the days following the Taliban takeover, pundits and politicians are sifting through the rubble, finding all the ways President Biden failed our military and its allies – and there are many.

Take, for example, the elimination of the Trump-era Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR); a program whose sole purpose is to protect Americans overseas in the event of an evacuation emergency. Yes, like the emergency we’re experiencing right now.

“The CCR bureau was established late last year by then-secretary of state Mike Pompeo. In a notification sent to Congress in October and also obtained by the Free Beacon, the Trump administration said the new bureau would provide aviation, logistics, and medical support capabilities for the Department’s operational bureaus, thereby enhancing the secretary’s ability to protect American citizens overseas in connection with overseas evacuations in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster,” The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“The decision to dissolve the CCR was handed down just months before the Taliban overtook the Afghan capital of Kabul, leaving the Biden administration scrambling to evacuate more than 15,000 Americans still trapped in the country,” the WFB continues.

While a State Department spokesman has denied abolishing the bureau – going as far as to deny it was ever established – multiple reports dispute that claim. “The current iteration of the Foreign Affairs Manual, the authoritative State Department guide, lists the CCR as a functioning bureau as recently as January of this year,” the WFB reports.

Why would the Biden administration cut such a critical program with the Taliban on the march? And why are they denying the program’s existence when it appeared in the Foreign Affairs Manual?  Just a couple of questions we’d like answers to – and there will be many more.