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Green Cards Wasted: Qualified Workers Wait While Immigrants Flood the Border

Green Cards Not Rewarded by End of September Are Set to Expire

Photo for: Green Cards Wasted: Qualified Workers Wait While Immigrants Flood the Border

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has a serious problem as the end of the fiscal quarter approaches: more than 100,000 employment-based green cards are set to expire. The USCIS is dealing with a substantial backlog of applications, one that affects highly-skilled workers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “[The] USCIS, which has been plagued with money problems and reduced processing capacity since the start of the pandemic, has been approving green cards at a slower rate than normal. The average green-card application is taking about 10.5 months to complete, up two months from last year, according to government data. In some extreme cases, green-card applications have been sitting for up to five years, the data show.”

The processing delay impacts thousands of Indian immigrants working in the tech sector – but only so many green cards can be issued to applicants based on their country of origin.

“Indian immigrants who don’t get their green cards this year won’t be first in line next year. They might have to wait up to half a decade before they can become permanent residents,” WSJ reported.

The historic backlog at the USCIS is largely due to COVID-19 protocols. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants flood the southern border, many with unknown infection and vaccination statuses. More than 200,000 encounters were logged in the month of July by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol – a monthly high not seen in for two decades.

As the Biden administration continues to bobble the border crisis, states are taking action to control the chaos. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order to stop vehicles suspected of transporting immigrants across the border – it was blocked by a federal judge.

So, if you’re keeping score: Illegal immigrants – in. Qualified tech workers waiting patiently – out. And then there’s the trillion-dollar budget package that adds insult to injury:

“Democrats in Congress are planning to make as many as six million immigrants who are in the country illegally eligible for green cards through their $3.5 trillion budget package, which they will attempt to pass through the Senate with a simple majority of votes in coming weeks,” WSJ reports.

Not a good look for Biden’s immigration policy.