7 Must Use Tools For Social Media Managers


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More people are using social media websites as a tool to keep up with recent developments amongst their friends and areas of interest than ever before. Out of the 3 billion people using the internet, 74 percent of the adults have at least one social media account.  Although Facebook remains as the most popular website, 52 percent of internet-using adults have accounts on multiple social media websites.

The staggering growth of platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest has prompted businesses and brands, even large ones like the LA Kings, to use these services to promote themselves and to connect with a growing user base. Social media managers have the huge responsibility of maintaining and improving the online presence of businesses so that more customers would be able to engage with them.

The following seven tools streamline the process of managing social media accounts by providing many different types of services. Some of them assist in content curation while others help in analysing the response that your social media efforts have generated. Either way, using these tools would definitely help improve the effect of your online marketing strategy, and increase your online visibility.

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DrumUp is an application which discovers fresh content from various sources around the internet and shows them to you on a single dashboard. It aggregates content based on a few keywords which you can customize according to your social media content management strategy. The application uses advanced machine learning algorithms which enable it to better understand the kind of content you would find interesting the longer you use it. DrumUp allows you to link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts onto one dashboard so that you do not have to log in to each one individually. You can use the dashboard to share and schedule the content on all three social media accounts for months in advance.

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IFTTT is an abbreviation of If This Then That. This simple concept has given rise to one of the easiest automation tools that the internet has to offer. IFTTT helps you assign a task to an event.  This means you will be able to perform something simple like setting your wallpaper to the picture of the day from NASA or interconnect or streamline your social media by posting Facebook updates on all your other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, simultaneously. You can create customized “recipes” where you can set specific parameters like the time and frequency of tasks. It also allows you to use other peoples’ recipes so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

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TweetDeck is a must use Twitter analytics tool for anyone who uses Twitter as the primary account for their marketing efforts. It analyses the usage of your account and shows it to you on a single dashboard. You can customise the parameters which are visible on the dashboard to view the ones which are more important to your business. It is much simpler to follow latest trends, check notifications and see your recent activity on Twitter, so that you can reduce the time you spend on the website. TweetDeck also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and schedule Tweets in advance. Although this tool is only available as a web application, it will prove to be invaluable to Twitter users.

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Followerwonk is a tool aimed at analyzing your followers on Twitter to get useful insights. You can get detailed reports about how many followers you have, who follows you, how influential they are on Twitter, their approximate geographical location, number of followers, number of unfollows, number of tweets and much more. Using the information that is presented to you by Followerwonk, you can better understand which tweets of yours have generated more interest, and what would suit your current group of followers. This kind of insight becomes invaluable when strategizing your online activity to appeal to a larger audience on Twitter.

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Feedly is a tool which discovers fresh content from the most authoritative news publications, websites and blogs around the internet. The tool displays content that is trending in real-time, keeping you in touch with recent developments in major sources. You may change the sources by following particular websites and blogs which are suitable to the niche of your business so that Feedly can gather relevant content. Even though this tool does not allow you to schedule posts on different social media, you can share interesting content one at a time.

Alternion screen


The Alternion tool helps bring all your social media accounts on one single dashboard. This useful function lets you get all your notifications on a single screen so that you would be able to oversee the response that all your social media efforts have generated. It supports multiple accounts from a plethora of websites and services including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Picasa, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and many more. Alternion makes it easy to keep up with your updates and connect with your audiences from all these accounts through a single screen.

Klout screenchot


Klout is a tool which measures your online influence by analyzing the traffic you generate on your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It gives you a “Klout Score” depending upon how many people read your article, liked it, shared it, commented on it and many other parameters. The score is out of a 100 and it gives you a direct understanding of how much response you would be able to generate with each article or post you publish. This tool also gives suggestions of what kind of content to share on your social media.

As many social media managers may find out sooner or later, it is best to try out different types of tools so that you can find one that offers the kind of functions which best fit your objectives. It is also wise to use multiple tools instead of depending upon just a single one to manage all your social media accounts. Which tools have you used that are a perfect fit for your business niche?

Tejas is a writer at Godot Media, a popular content service firm, where he blogs about social media marketing and content marketing. His other interests include music and gaming.

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