The Drill Down 195 – Feeding the Patent Trolls

The Drill Down team is back from ComicCon, and we’re wrapping up our discussion about what we’ve seen there, including a groundbreaking breakthrough from director Francis Ford Coppola. RIM cuts 10% of their work staff, China clones Apple stores, Google+ struggles with pseudonyms, LulzSec boycotts PayPal, and the White House RickRolls a Twitterer.

Later we discuss the increasing problem of software patent litigation and its stifling of innovation. And Devindra reviews Apple’s new MacBook Air.


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Audible Book of the Week

Musical Interlude #1

Hot Topic: Software Patents & The Stifling of Innovation

Musical Interlude #2

Final Word

  • Devindra’s review of new Macbook Air

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