The Drill Down 148 – Investigating the Digg Patriots

This week the Drill Down team welcome Ole Ole Olson, aka Digg user Novenator, lead investigator of the Digg Patriots conspiracy scandal. He breaks down his investigation and fields questions from the TDD audience. Later we discuss Skype’s IPO offering, Google and Verizon’s proposal for Net Neutrality, HP’s CEO Mark Hurd leaves amidst alleged sexual harassment claims, Twitter launches tweet buttons, and 4Chan’s founder explains the finer points of the site to a federal court.


Just can’t enough Digg Patriots news? Both sides appeared independently on Banned On The Web (The DP crew) and Social Blade (Patriots vs. Investigators) this week. Also, check out Nightly Media for full Digg Patriots coverage.

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8 thoughts on “The Drill Down 148 – Investigating the Digg Patriots

  1. Dancing around and refusing to answer questions makes this Novenator chararcter look a little shady.

    “I want them to come forward and admit their guilt before I release the evidence.”

    Yah. Okay.

  2. If this novenater has given these things to government what make him think theyd say anything?

    Something is fishy about this guy anyway, but he seemed to have not even finished his research before he released anything.

    It seem like a vandeta to me.

  3. I think his goals is not to be forthcoming with the general public who has no ability to change the situation, but to be forthcoming with Digg completely who has the power to do things about it. By giving information to the general public, it won’t accomplish anything except from letting the people who are manipulating the system know how they were caught and how to cover their tracks better and learn.

  4. Novenator said something about one of the DPers saying he wanted to/going to “break someone’s fingers”, or something like that.

    But this is what was said “greenliar needs his fingers broke”, which is totally different than saying he WILL or there was an organized effort to break someone’s fingers. It’s a flippant figure of speech.

    This shows novenator is lying and stretching the truth.

    Also, in that email thread it was said “I’d like to put superglue on his keyboard”

    Obviously this person didn’t take that comment seriously.

    Novenator is stretching everything out of proportion to get a bunch of his “enemies” banned from digg because they were calling him out all the time and it ticked him off. So what does he do? He breaks into private email messages and tries to make mountains out of molehills.

  5. you are entirely too proud of yourself for discovering a vast right-wing conspiracy to find liberal blogspam websites and give them the “thumbs down”. but I really do love the “lead investigator” title you have wrapped yourself in, as if you are actually doing something of some significance.

    you and your friends were pushing your blogspam to the front page, Digg Patriots were pushing back, and when the dust settles, nobody cares except you and your friends…. not even Digg’s admins.

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  7. It took a long time (2 months), but the various investigation teams have finally released ALL of the evidence that proves conclusively that the original allegations were true. Judge for yourself:

    The evidence of the conservative Digg Patriots Censorship

    13,000 of their yahoo group postings can be found at

    How We Exposed DiggGate

    Now take a look at all of the comments on this discussion board from 2 months ago, and you can see why the conservatives are called cons.

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