The Drill Down 139: Boom! 4.0

The Drill Down team discusses Apple’s iPhone 4, an iPad security breach, AT & T’s new data pricing, Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Nixon moment’, China blocks Foursquare, RIAA vs. Limewire, the inaccuracy of Wikipedia, Skype’s five million downloads, and Team Fortress 2 for the Mac.

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The Drill Down is was in Wikipedia!

Thanks to intrepid, prolific and all-around wonderful listener Mike Kaufman (MikeOnTV on Digg), we now have our own entry in Wikipedia! Cruise on over and check it out! Thanks Mike!

The Powers-That-Be over at Wikipedia are threatening to delete the entry. They want to know what importance or significance we have that justifies our existence in Wikipedia. Fair enough. Here’s where you, loyal listeners, come in. If you can provide an impassioned argument as to why The Drill Down deserves a spot in the hallowed halls of Wikipedia, this would be your opportunity to do so. Are we worthy of cultural immortality?

Update 2:
Wow. The Drill Down just found out the real meaning of the term “Speedy Deletion“. Still not to late to recreate it, though…