How to Gain a Large Twitter Following and Keep it Growing

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Gaining followers across social media platform is a challenge faced by social media marketers. A social media page with a large number of followers is a reflection of the credibility of the page. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, if you have a large number of followers on your page it shows that many people who are ready to listen to you.

Growing your Twitter audience is a challenging task as it is a microblogging site. There is a limit to the number of characters that can be tweeted and the lifespan of a tweet is also very less. Thus, growing your Twitter audience with these limitations is very testing.

Here are few simple tricks to gain a large Twitter following and keep it growing Continue reading

Top Social Media Trends to Follow in Q2 2018

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Social media is continuing to thrive engaging more businesses, more organisations and more people in meaningful ways. Over a span, if just a few years social platforms became the most influential one to shape our opinion and create new conversations influencing our life and activities. New trends in social media contents, feature set, technologies and user engagement are continuously surfacing.

As we have already crossed the first quarter of 2018, this is high time to take a look at the prominent social media trends that are going to rule for the rest of the year or beyond. Continue reading

The Drill Down 515: Speakers For The Dead (preview)

This week, we review Black Panther and ‘Afrofuturism’, the Parkland, FL school shooting victims take their anger to Twitter, US charges Russia with election interference, FCC’s chairman is under investigation, North Korea’s hacker army, Using CG to mimic real celebrities without their permission… and much, much more.

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7+ Great Social Media Tools for Efficient Marketing in 2018

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Social media has revolutionized brand-customer relationships. As we approach 2018, social media marketing is both every marketer’s priority and challenge. Every marketer wants to use the budget-friendly and multi-functional medium to the fullest extent. But with the increasing competition on the platform, brands are being forced to constantly up their game.  

Social media tools are a critical part of efficient marketing strategies, and every year, new tools are released into the social media management market. Here’s a list of 7+ such tools, old and new, that can impact your social media marketing in 2018.   Continue reading

Twitter Marketing Tips: How to Create Better Tweets to Increase Engagement

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Posts on Twitter have the shortest shelf-lives on social media. Additionally, they are extremely restrictive content-wise. With just 140 words at your disposal, finding the right content to publish is extremely important. It’s imperative for brands to create excellent content in order to effect better engagement. Here are a few things you could do, in order to more successfully engage your followers: Continue reading