How to Choose right Printer for Your Startup Business

How to Choose right Printer for Your Startup Business

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A printer plays a crucial role in the day to day activities of a workplace. Even though we are living in a World where everything has been digitized, still we rely on a printed hard copy for most of our important documents. Talking with the perspective of a startup choosing the right printer will allow it to be more efficient that will in return enable it to save its time and money.

There are hundred of printers that are available out there to choose from. However, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind which will enable you to choose the best one for your startup. Continue reading

Not Nostalgic: Using Old Tech and What You Don’t Miss

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Nostalgia can be a knee jerk reaction for some people, but those people probably haven’t tried to stream a YouTube on a dial-up connection. This isn’t the only old piece of technology that was a massive pain either. We often don’t appreciate how great new technology is until we look more closely at the older stuff and just how irritating it could be. Here are a few examples of tech that you most likely won’t miss. Continue reading

How to Print…From Your Game Console


The following is a guest post

We’ve come a long way from the use of the game boy printer, in both the gaming world and the printing industry. These days there is now talk of 3d printing of cases for console systems, when only a decade ago everyone was worried about how to get printing devices small enough for travel-printing.

Fortunately we’ve now moved forward into an age of wireless devices and connections which does make network connections possible and easier when it comes to even game consoles that don’t always have browser options. But what about the cases when handling older printers or just not possessing a wireless capability. Is there a way of hooking up to the internet with your game console? Or even the possibility of printing things straight from your game console? After all, most people aren’t even aware they can print directly from things like their Playstation 3’s hard drive. Continue reading