How Top Brands Used Content Marketing in 2013

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Content marketing is always evolving and brands that can constantly revamp themselves are the ones that stay afloat and even thrive. Unlike other forms of traditional marketing, content marketing is more volatile thanks to constant changes in search engines, social media platforms and consumer tastes that can completely derail existing content marketing strategies and campaigns. Your brand must be able to change its content marketing strategies and campaigns to keep up with changes in the world of marketing and gain an edge over your competitors. Continue reading

Guide to Making your Website Social Media User Friendly


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Many website developers don’t think about users when it comes to developing the content on their site. Especially where the use of social media integration is involved, it’s extremely important to have it in mind from the design stage.

Nevertheless, many developers and designers don’t like the importance of social media rattled on them during the design stage of a website despite the supposed importance this plays. Social media integration and access on the main website caters for two sets of website users-those who are already fans on social media and those who find the website, but aren’t fans on social media.

Given that most businesses are increasingly going social, it’s critical that designers and developers find a middle ground to make a website, social media friendly, or rather social ready. Here are a few tips to have in mind if you’re a designer or web developer. Continue reading

Content Curation: Tools to Establish a Daily Curation Strategy

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Content curation sites seem to have been growing like weeds throughout the past year. While you might feel like your efforts are spread a bit thin, there are some tools you can use to establish a daily content curation campaign that’s actually effective in bringing new visitors to your site.

Using content curation tools, you can also generate greater social media engagement with your followers and grab some new ones at the same time.

This list is by no means all of the tools out there that can be useful for content curation, but they’re some of the most effective you can find, and they’re a great jumping-off point.

Content Curation: How does it build value?

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Continue reading

The Drill Down 235: In the Moog* (preview)

On this week’s show, Facebook goes public! Google officially makes things, Microsoft goes social, Zuckerberg gets hitched, and private enterprise launches into space…

Headlines: Pinterest joins the $1 BN club, Microsoft launches social network, Comcast tests tiered pricing, SpaceX launches first commercial rocket into space,

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* Yes, we know it’s pronounced ‘Mogue, but that wasn’t nearly as punny.

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