3D Piracy: Printing, Artists, and the Economy

The following is a guest post.

3D piracy will change everything about our world, especially if (or rather, when) the technology is developed that will allow average consumers the ability to print from their home, using a variety of materials. Not only can those with access to 3D printers already download files from the internet and simply “print” it out on their machine, but the technology is now available which allows 3D printers to simply scan an object and then replicate it. Although the material that 3D printers can use is limited for now, the types of materials that can be used in printing has grown enormously in recent years, and continues to expand at an astounding rate. Not too long ago 3D printers, or additive manufacturers, could only create products using plastics. Today however, the materials that can be used has already expanded to several metals, including aluminum, and titanium. The quick expansion of 3D technology doubtless means that in the near future users will be able to “copy” everything from LEVI jeans to battery parts and even weapon components.

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