Viral Done Right: The Hyper-Personal ‘Old Spice Man’

Advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy created a monster with their recent campaign of ‘Old Spice Man’ commercials, featuring the irresistible appeal of former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa.  These commercials may have made their debut on television, but they really reached the apex of their popularity on the internet, thanks to their viral spread across social networks and content aggregators such as Digg, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

Aware that internet word-of-mouth was their best distribution engine, and wishing to build off the momentum of the already popular ads, Wieden+Kennedy recently went hyper-personal by filming a series of responses to individual internet commenters, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, again featuring Mustafa as the ‘Old Spice Man’.

Here he addresses G4TV’s Kevin Pereira and unleashes a new move, the ‘monocle smile’:
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