The Drill Down 383: A Rare Medium, Well Done (preview)

TDD 383

This week, we’re joined by tech journalist (and former The Drill Down co-host) Tom Cheredar, as we discuss: Taylor Swift tells Apple Music ‘we ARE getting back together’, French cab drivers are revolting, Netflix is about to be bigger than networks, A.I. sasses back, a real GIANT ROBOT DUEL!! … and much much more.

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Geeks Of Doom’s The Drill Down is a roundtable-style audio podcast where we discuss the most important issues of the week, in tech and on the web and how they affect us all.

Hosts are Geeks of Doom contributor Andrew Sorcini (Mr. BabyMan), marketing research analyst Dwayne De Freitas, and Box tech consultant Tosin Onafowokan.

The Drill Down 183 – The New Viewership

Click to embiggen.This week Tom Cheredar and Andrew Sorcini are joined by Devindra Hardawar, writer for VentureBeat and co-host of the Symbiotek & Slashfilmcast podcasts.

We discuss the effect the bin Laden raid had on global twitter traffic (and one tweeter in particular), Sony gets hit with a second round of security breaches, Apple updates their iMacs, rental laptops spy on their rentees, Warner Brothers buys Rotten Tomatoes, and The Woz tells Paul Allen to stop trolling.

Later we discuss the decline of TV ownership and DVD/Blu-Ray sales and why that’s an indicator of the new way we watch content; Julian Assange says Facebook is the most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented; and we breakdown the new upcoming Star Wars box sets.

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The Drill Down 147 – What’s Brewing with Zack Luye

This week we’re happy to have as our guest video producer and creator of Bottles, Blends and Brews podcast Zack Luye.  Zack shares his experience in creating BBB and the most unusual beverages he’s ever had. Later we discuss Nielsen’s report on how we’re spending time online, Disney gets into the casual games space with purchase of Playdom, Android sales overtake iPhone sales in the U.S., Saudi Arabia bans Blackberries, college students gain higher awareness of privacy on Facebook, YouTube expands upload time to 15 minutes, and RIP, Google Wave.

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Target’s LOST ads really know their audience

The finale of ABC’s six-year-long castaway saga, LOST was expected to bring in a record audience share. The ads were pre-sold at $900,000 per 30-seconds. When so much money is riding on getting a TiVo ad-skipping audience to stop and take a look at what you have to sell, how do you glue those eyeballs to the screen?  Target Brands, Inc. seems to have hit the, um, target by catering directly to LOST’s hardcore fanbase with a handful of custom ads. These advertisements, directed by regular LOST director Jack Bender, incorporate themes familiar to LOST fans such as the smoke monster, the Swan station computer, and hunting the local island fauna.

These ads are prime examples of how to effectively market to a very niche audience.  Advertisers who want to stop ad-skipping viewers dead in their tracks can take a lesson from Target.

Kentucky Fried Chicken also rode LOST’s coattails early on. This ad aired nationally during the height of LOST’s first season.

And here’s Bud Light’s take on the LOST meme:

UPDATE: According to ratings researcher Nielsen, “nearly 90% of the national advertisements aired during the telecast achieved higher brand recall in the finale, compared to their average in other primetime programming”, and in particular, the Target ads “captured the strongest Net Likeability of any ad in the show – nearly quadrupling the average of all other spots in the telecast.”