The Drill Down 178 – AT&T +1

This week, Tom and Andy make up for two weeks lost time, and do it in whirlwind fashion.

Tom wraps up highlights of his trip to CTIA Wireless. We discuss ICANN’s approval of the .XXX domain, New York Times’ paywall, Showtime’s decision to pull future shows from Netflix, the release of Firefox 4,  Amazon’s online Cloud Player, and Google’s +1 social recommendation button.

Later, we discuss AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile, and the ramifications it has for the mobile industry, and we finish off the show with a brief discussion of the future of Digg following Founder Kevin Rose’s departure.

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The Drill Down 157 – Driverless

This week, Tom and Andy discuss Digg’s BP ad and its new CEO, the debut of Windows Phone 7, the effectiveness of twitter on social activism. Driverless Google cars, cracking glass on the iPhone 4, the popularity of smartphone apps, and Facebook loves Bing.

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