The Drill Down 211 – Resurrected Development

This week the TDD team discuss their Black Friday finds, staff shakeups at TechCrunch & Mashable, the quashing of SOPA, Redditors build an alternative to the Internet, Facebook’s IPO is coming, Kinect for Windows, President Obama joins Google+, and Arrested Development returns to Netflix.

Later, we discuss the potential dissolution of the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile USA merger, and rumored new cellphone devices from Amazon and Facebook.

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Did Digg’s Kevin Rose Sell Out Too Late?

Kevin Rose on the cover of BusinessWeek, circa 2006

Kevin Rose on the cover of BusinessWeek, circa 2006

This Guest Post is written by Asif Youssuff, a founder of quippd, a new social news network that enables more community involvement. Follow @quippd on twitter, or check out their site.

By this time, all of you have read about the new Digg, Digg 4. Some of you may have even tried it. Reactions to the new site seem to be mixed, with a vocal number of people saying that they dislike the changes. Those changes have been covered extensively elsewhere, so I won’t get into that here.

While much of the backlash has been focused on the technical changes, like the revised UI, following features, and changes to how “digging” works, the change that really annoys users and small publishers alike is the “selling out” of Digg. Continue reading